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Cresmarta Services

A building is a living space where time and use cause its deterioration. Taking care of the facilities is to prolong their value and their social, professional or productive utility, be it an apartment, a chalet, a villa, an industrial warehouse or an office.

After more than 25 years of experience, at Cresmarta we know that the maintenance of these buildings means extending their useful life beyond their depreciation period, avoiding their deterioration and prolonging the value of the asset.

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Pool Maintenance

Keeping pool water clean and free of infections is not an easy task, it requires constant work and a great knowledge of it.  Compliance with hygienic, sanitary conditions and safety regulations, as well as fair chlorination or salinization, adequate PH regulation and proper handling of its engine and filtering and purification equipment.  An infinity of not simple tasks that require the understanding of a professional, which will make you enjoy crystal clear water at all times and, above all, healthy. At Cresmarta we know your needs and we work with dedication, commitment and seriousness for the maintenance of your pool. 

The pool maintenance service consists of a weekly cleaning throughout the year, except during the months of July and August, which will be done every five days.  All products are included.


House Maintenance

If you have your second home here, surely you have spent long periods of time without being able to come and with the uncertainty of how your home will be and in what condition it will be found when you return.  Was it squatted or robbed?  Any water leak or any important notification from the Treasury? Cresmarta wants to cover your need and offers you a house maintenance service that consists of:

- Possession of a copy of the keys to your house.  Someday they could be lost, forgotten, or stolen.

- Regular visit to your home during your absence, especially when we suffer from exceptional atmospheric phenomena, rain, wind ...  We will immediately inform you of any damage accompanied by your budget and of course the communication to your home insurance if you request it.

- Our team of professionals will inform and advise you of any questions and may act as representatives to “SUMA”, “Iberdrola”, post office, city hall ... to carry out your procedures and solve your uncertainties or problems.

Hojas tropicales

Garden Maintenance

In this privileged place in the Mediterranean, where we enjoy long hours of sunshine, its garden is a space to enjoy, rest and rejoice in its beauty and well-being. And at Cresmarta we know it very well, attending to your needs with great professionalism, backed by more than 20 years of experience.

You can choose between:

  • Design and assembly of a new landscaped space. With planting of new trees, shrubs and plants, lawn mowing, installation of drip irrigation and also ornamental accessories, installation of artificial grass and a host of ideas to make your garden your space of comfort.

  • Sporadic cleaning of your garden, when you deem it appropriate.

  • Maintenance period of your garden. Your garden will always be in perfect condition and it will also enjoy rapid pest detection that will prevent irreparable damage, as well as irrigation control that will save you from unnecessary waste of water.  The necessary pruning will be carried out throughout the year, elimination of weeds and dry leaves, transport of brushwood, fertilizers and phytosanitary products at the right time.

  • Maintenance of palm trees against the Red Weevil, as well as its pruning.

La firma de un contrato

Legal and legal assistance

Everything that has to do with the management of your assets, purchase and sale, inheritance tax, even legal assistance for non-residents with urban real estate in Spain (these are required by law to carry out the Non-Resident Income Tax every year) .  This will not be a problem for you either, as Cresmarta will inform, advise and carry out these procedures for you.

Mujer de limpieza de muebles


Cresmarta has a team of professionals to clean your home using products approved by Health.  We also have laundry service.

Pasos de la piscina


At Cresmarta we are exclusive agents of Generali Insurance.  Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.  Sure we can improve it !!  And if you already have insurance with us, do not forget to stop by our office to review the premium to be paid, as this amount is increased automatically annually, perhaps unnecessarily.


All our services have a quality guarantee,  

The satisfaction of our clients is our premise.

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