Cresmarta Services

With more than twenty years of experience in the construction sector, Cresmarta's commitment to our customers goes through a complete service where every detail is taken care of.

For this reason, we offer you an extensive menu of services that ensure the welfare of the owner and the integral care of your property, with solutions such as:

Design and creation of a custom home, with the advice and supervision of our professional team.

Partial or comprehensive reforms and small repairs that may arise in the day to day.

Construction and maintenance of swimming pools and gardens so that they are always ready to enjoy them.

Installation and repair of plumbing, gas and electricity with the best finishes.

A magnificent holiday rental service with which you can get a higher profitability of your property.

An excellent after-sales service, ranging from the rental of vehicles to the management of documents, be it the processing of the NIE, registration of the property in the cadastre, changes of ownership of supplies, communication with municipalities, tax management....

Legal and tax advice and management, as well as the hiring of home insurance to keep your home protected.

Rental of mailboxes to receive all your correspondence in one place.

Complete cleaning of your home, to choose between two modalities, periodic cleaning or tuning of the house before your visit

And all with the professionalism, care and guarantee that characterize Cresmarta.

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